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ASPENWOOD MANOR is proud to offer our world class services to owners wishing to have a stress-free vacation rental ownership experience!

Our management is completely customized to your property.

Our service ranges from a little as a monthly retainer for back up support all the way to full-time 100% management. Full-time managment clients/owners enjoy a monthly income while we take care of every single detail. Part time managment clients/owners enjoy our robust system of support but keep the responsibility of the parts of their home management that they would like.

Contact us today about managing your home today!

A 2 hour consult at your home about the possibilities your property holds as a vacation rental is $175. We go over possible numbers, location benefits, furnishings needs, remodel needs, and any other questions you have!

Some of our co-hosted homes:
Uinta Ranch






Pano House

MidCentury Modern



aspenwood philosophy

We aim to provide the best luxury boutique hotel experience in the Provo, Utah area. We believe in providing quality, comfortable and private extended stay and vacation housing for our guests. Each suite is thoughtfully decorated, meticulously cleaned and well maintained to ensure that you feel safe and respected in your home away from home.


Why aspenwood manor and not a traditional hotel?

First of all, we're the most in-touch and connected hotel you'll find! With a small staff, we love getting to know our guests! We even get to know the preferences (and sometimes the life stories) of our return guests and we love finding ways to customize and spoil our guests. When is the last time you called a Marriott to make a reservation and they remembered you!

We've been in business for over 10 years, and we know this town inside out. We've even connected with some awesome local businesses to give Aspenwood Manor guests some extra perks and discounts! We want to be YOUR HOME BASE in Provo! Welcome to our home!

And some more reasons...

Housekeeping is simple and comes only once per week to change your linens. Suites are self-check-in! Just enter with your code like you own the place!

Beds are dressed with crisp clean sheets, plenty of feather pillows, and luxurious comforters. We don't have loud AC units eithere! We have mini-splits or full AC systems in our bigger suites. These keep the suites a perfect temperature for you!

Kitchens are fully equipped with stoves, ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, small appliances and stocked with all of the utensils and pans you'll need to create homemade meals. In addition, we have a self-check-in procedure that is sure to win points with tired travelers! No standing in line at check-in!

We offer the best rates in the area for our suites, and our suites are bigger and less expensive than the Marriotts! Also, most hotels don't have kitchens, which means you end up spending plenty on eating out. For a whole family, the cost of eating in restaurants can be overwhelming! At Aspenwood, you save time and money by utilizing the fully-equipped kitchen to prepare food. These suites offer all the comforts of home! We also have weekly rates and even lower monthly rates (tax-free!).

You're not a nameless guest staying in a huge hotel with countless rooms. Your comfort and satisfaction is extremely important to us! When you call, you'll reach the same team of managers every time! We'll learn your name and do our best to make sure you are comfortable and taken care of. Making repeat reservations is as easy as sending an email!

Our suites are designed to sleep 1-13 people each, so large families are welcome! You won't believe how great it is to have everyone sleep in one suite instead of renting multiple hotel rooms! Some of our suites even have built in playhouses and small beds that will delight your kids.

We do not use perfumes or air fresheners and try to source the most natural cleaning products. We also try to cut waste wherever possible by recycling. We also donate damaged but still usable linens to shelters and other worthy causes.


Find out what makes our beautiful suites stand out and take a virtual tour of each suite! Compare and decide which one is right for you!

With the luxury and service of a boutique hotel but the privacy and comfort of fully equipped suites, we guarantee you won't find a better corporate stay or vacation rentals in Provo!


What have others said about their stay at Aspenwood Manor? Have you stayed with us? We love hearing what we're doing absolutely right and also how we can improve.

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